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Devnow Crystal

PRICE:    Rs. 646.00

Ego Alter

PRICE:    Rs. 4707.00

Aurelia Water

PRICE:    Rs. 1439.00

Ego Alter

PRICE:    Rs. 2150.00


PRICE:    Rs. 2796.00

Devnow Glass

PRICE:    Rs. 2413.00

Cristal dArques

PRICE:    Rs. 2509.00

Devnow Crystal

PRICE:    Rs. 1123.00


About Us

Aabsa (like never before), is an online e-commerce venture to bring to you an exclusive range of bed sheets, quilts, duvets & glassware.

Who doesn't look forward to slipping under a cozy, comfortable bed sheet for a goodnight sleep after a long stressful day? Then why not invest in a bedding that leaves a calming, soothing influence on your thoughts and the entire body. Aabsa, is an online venture, that is created by a young and passionate entrepreneur, just to bring a comfortable sleep to your doorstep...

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